Malika Movie @MalikaRealBot

Telegram bot that helps you matching movies on Web, based on what youre intended to.

Feature 01

Up - to - date

The bot is fetching datas on any website online almost everyday. so , its own database is up-to-date.

Feature 02

Fast response

The bot shall respond immedietly. You can 'p' the bot, just like we do when we texting but to lazy to texting.

Feature 03

Free as a bird

well, its not that free. its free when you already a member of the group. click the link on the bottom of this page for join right away.

Feature 04


i mean by 'Developing' is, the code will update from time to time. for the better it could be.

Feature 05

Open source

I am not serious when i said 'open source' but, you can ask me whatever you want to get the code done by yourself.

Feature 06

From cheap bastard to another

Well , me personally, having trouble with any paid movie services sometimes. it is obvious that i don't have those kind of money to pay. or... anyway, i get these movies online. so, its just me sharing what i have on my disk. ehe

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Rp350k/for good
What you will get
  • Source code
  • Tutorial
  • Guides to build a group
  • Thats all

Seeing this page but not in the group yet?